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kibworth antiques road trip

Little did we know when we first opened the doors of Kibworth Antique Centre in Kibworth, Leicestershire, back in 2012 that we would appear on national TV, and not just once, but three times!

Being passionate about all things antique and collectable, we’ve always been huge fans of the Antiques Road Trip programme – I’m sure many of you are too, but for those who haven’t seen it, the programme involves two celebrity antique experts and a selection of vintage cars and visits to auction rooms in some of England’s most picturesque towns and villages. The idea is that two experts compete against each with a budget of £200 to buy antiques and collectables which are then sold at auction for hopefully a profit; profits they make after each auction and costs have been deducted are used as their budget for the next leg of their journey. There are 5 legs, each leg forming one programme, and the winner is the expert who makes the most profit at the end of the final leg.

Kibworth Antiques Centre has been featured on the Antiques Road Trip three times in the last two years and we’ve been thrilled to have been visited by Charlie Ross,Thomas Plant and Mark Stacey. Being featured on the Antiques Road Trip was amazing fun and of course has obviously been a wonderful promotional opportunity for the Centre. On each occasion, in the spirit of the programme, all the items were taken to various auction houses in the hope of making a profit for the experts’ various charities.

As well as being featured on the Antiques Road Trip, I was invited to be on Radio Leicester’s Sunday programme ‘Clueless’.

Earlier this year I was invited to be on Radio Leicester’s Programme “Clueless” – a long running clue-based treasure hunt around Leicestershire. The programme features Leicester born and bred Tony Wadsworth in the studio and Julie Mayer out and about in the radio car. It’s a fun programme played out every Sunday morning on Radio Leicester.

We could get used to this celebrity life!

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